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Letter: Handling chaos

Stepping back a minute to view how it is we are handling the chaos, it seems that we actually have gotten what we ourselves have created in our current president. Both sides of the aisle are responsible.

The best explanation of how we handle chaos, I’ve come across is something called the phenomena of a stable datum. In this chaos is defined as everything in motion, so to quell the confusion of nothing standing still (picture a crowded Central Station in Dorothy’s tornado) we grab and hold still a single datum and orient the rest of reality around it.

The booger in all of this is it doesn’t have to be true, or even a fact of some kind or another, it simply has to be something we can hold still and orientate ourselves via. So, if we cannot construct something — a concept, ideology, religion or negation of such, like atheism, or the invisible hand of the market, etc., chaos returns sevenfold, as the Bible puts it, to mean completely, encompassing all including those stable datum we hold so dear. Our grabbing for straws thus becomes reactionary.

We are seeing this on hyper drive in the current state of affairs in DC, in NYC, and all other media outlets, including social media, as it has taken over for talk radio, with shaming and trolling becoming the self-perpetuating stable data that drives the discourse. Not necessary fake news because it may have started with a kernel of truth that the walls of an agenda is built upon.

However, with us, now over the hump of our supremacy as the sole superpower, it is an effort to orient the chaos of no longer being exceptional, but instead like everybody else. As the world has gotten smaller and smaller, this datum we’ve saddled our destiny upon has sailed over the rainbow and we all our caught reaching for anything to hold still some fragment of old time standing.

If we want to cause circling chaos to cease the downward spiral our stable datum must start a new kind of discourse. So first, we must forgive.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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