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Letter: Hanlon can be trusted

I’ve been horrified to learn that the 18,000 acres near the Great Sand Dunes will be auctioned off to oil and gas interests. I fear this is just another part of the concerted effort by the current administration to devalue and desecrate our public lands in favor of extractive industries.

What’s next, the San Juan National Forest? And where is Rep. Scott Tipton in all of this? In D.C., advocating for more destructive access to our public lands for extractive industries through leases and fees.

If we care about our lands, we need a representative that isn’t in the energy industry’s back pocket, that’s willing to stand up for our lands and our environment. We need someone with integrity, like Democratic candidate Karl Hanlon.

Between him, Scott Tipton and Diane Mitsch Bush, he’s the only candidate who has never accepted a single penny from the oil and gas, mining and energy industries in his career. We need someone that we can trust.

Sean Gallick


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