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Letter: Hanlon, Kennedy the right picks

I am writing to urge voters to choose Karl Hanlon for U.S. representative and Cary Kennedy for governor.

Karl is a lifelong Coloradan who understands the issues we are facing on the West Slope and is willing to tackle them head on. He is not a classic liberal Democrat, but given the political diversity that exists in the 3rd Congressional District, that makes sense. He’s put fixing health care costs at the top of his agenda, which is the most important issue for many of us. He will work to protect our public lands as well. If the Democrats are going to beat Scott Tipton, they need a candidate who can speak to liberals, conservatives and moderates alike on the issues we are facing.

Here’s what I like about Cary Kennedy for governor. For one, she listens. I have seen her in small group situations where she actually listens to and answers the questions being asked. I have not seen that from Polis in the 10 years I’ve interacted with him. She has by far the strongest record supporting education, and has actually put her ideas into action to support school budgets and rebuild rundown schools across the state. At the top of her platform is the issue of growth. Colorado is set to double in population over the next 20 years, and she is the only candidate talking about an issue that affects our quality of life, the environment, transportation and education.

For the record, I have not been “prepped and pushed” by the Hanlon or Kennedy campaign to submit this letter. I’m just letting people know why I support these candidates.

Allyn Harvey


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