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Letter: Has New Castle City Market stopped supporting community?

Numerous people and organizations would like to know why the management at the New Castle City Market has quit supporting the community, nonprofits that freely help the community, and food banks that help those less fortunate in our community.

A year ago they stopped allowing their produce people to contribute outdated produce to our Wildlife Foundation to feed our numerous animals. We are a nonprofit and receive no funding from Colorado Parks and Wildlife to feed the animals they bring us. Since the week that the New Castle City Market opened, they had graciously helped us out. We would collect two or three days a week. The management has also quit helping the many food banks of the community including Lift-Up of New Castle, Mountain Valley Developmental, and several senior food programs.

Our community has relied on City Market New Castle since it opened and now the management doesn’t seem to care for the people that surround them. Funny that they claim it is corporate, but corporate said that is not so, and we also have support from other City Markets. Just last week we picked up several boxes of outdated produce, showing it is not a corporate mandate, but an individual store policy. A person from Lift-Up told me that the stores receive federal dollars for contributing to the community, so then why?

Nanci L. Limbach,
Executive Director, Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation

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