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Letter: Have to agree with Vallario

I am one person who agrees with Sheriff Vallario. The gun is the tool, not the perpetrator of murder. Mass murder has recently been accomplished by various tools including knives, machetes, crossbows, Sarin nerve gas, arson, automobiles, trucks and airplanes. The worst school incident in the U.S. was accomplished with a bomb.

Yes, guns are used as well, but it is quite evident that in the Parkland shootings there were more than adequate laws in place to prevent this tragedy. But once again we were failed by an incompetent government.

The idea that prohibiting a certain kind of firearm will prevent this and similar incidents is naïve and simplistic. Criminals and those bent upon committing murder simply do not obey laws. Restricting the liberty of the law abiding to the point of having complete “safety” can only result in a police state.

After 9/11 we did not outlaw airplanes, we increased security. A lesson that Israel learned long ago. They also learned that about schools. After terrorists invaded a school in 1974, they increased security and since then, only two incidents, both of which resulted in the death of the terrorists.

We protect things that are important to us, with the understanding that there will always be those who will wish us harm or covet our possessions. We should protect our schools and children, as well. They are worth it.

Michael K. Stahl


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