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Letter: Health care is a right

Whenever I hear a Republican preface a statement with “the American people want …” I automatically brace myself for a whopper. Like in the current health-care debate, “the American people want choices.” Or “the American people want access to affordable health insurance.”

Wrong. Polls consistently show that over 70 percent of Americans want what every other citizen in every other advanced country already has — free universal health care as a right of citizenship. Thanks to the institutions of private health insurance, big pharma, and the Party of the Rich, Americans pay more and receive less (by orders of magnitude) than our counterparts in the rest of the world.

The ACA was sabotaged by Republicans in service of their top priority, the protection of corporate profits above all else. The ACA is failing because Republicans would not allow for a single-payer option and Medicare expansion in all 50 states.
Now the plan that President Trump calls “terrific” will exclude 24 million Americans who are currently covered under the ACA. Now would be a good time for all Americans to remind our honorable representatives that we consider health care a fundamental human right and not a choice, just like it is in Canada, Great Britain, Japan, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, etc., etc.

Kenneth McDonald
Glenwood Springs

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