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Letter: Health care plan

The Republicans in the U.S. Senate are poised to take health insurance away from some 20 million Americans, some immediately, some over several years, by replacing a flawed Obamacare with a much worse plan. This plan will be close enough to the House Republican plan that it would soon be the law of the land. The tax ramifications of the American Health Care Act are a multibillion-dollar tax break for the very wealthy, who can afford to self-insure for their health care.

Senate Republicans have 13 members, including our own Cory Gardner, who held closed-door meetings to craft this plan, which became available for review by the public, or even other senators members, until just before the vote. This clever use of Senate rules eliminates the debates necessary to prevent “Trumpcare” being “jammed down our throats,” to quote Senator Mitch McConnell’s remarks about Obamacare.

By the numbers: 50 of the 52 Republican votes are needed to pass the bill, with Vice President Pence deciding.

Are there three Republicans who care for their vulnerable constituents more than they care for their megadonors and the failed “trickle-down” theory? We shall see.

David Schroeder

New Castle

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