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Letter: Health-care worries

This is a message I left for Sen. Corey Gardner in regard to health care:

I am very upset and angry about what I am watching and reading in the news. You and the Republican Senate are trying to come up [fast] with a health-care bill that is not going to protect more people. It is going to do the opposite. Please don’t vote for something worse. Please repair Obamacare.

This is not political. This is a matter that affects too many people. We are all one step away from a pre-existing condition. Nobody chooses to get cancer, Parkinson’s, diabetes, MS, osteoporosis, etc.

Please, Senator, consider the well-being of the people before you vote for something that will only be counted as another revenge against Obama. He is not the president anymore. But our health concerns remain. We are a powerful country, so let’s not pretend that we cannot help the most vulnerable because of our political divisions. This will always be a moral issue.

I urge all concerned citizens to contact their senators quickly to try stop this disastrous legislation.

Silvia Barbera

Glenwood Springs

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