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Letter: Help foster mom

I am hoping to rally the community around my sister. Along with her business partner, she opened her own business three years ago. As you may know, that’s a rough and bumpy, albeit rewarding, road to travel. She has done so with a positive outlook and more dedication than I’ve ever seen in a person. She works countless hours to grow and build her business.

She is also a single mom, raising a respectful young son. She is helping him navigate the world, learn all he can, and grow into the best man he can be.

As if those two tasks don’t take up enough of her time, she felt called to begin fostering children. As she always does when she has something on her heart, she took the bull by the horns, began researching the requirements, and taking the classes. She was approved and began caring for kids quickly.

I don’t know why life decides to throw lemons our way when we are doing good work — but that’s how it goes. Her car decided to die. She drives a Toyota Prius, and the motor needs to be replaced. She owes too much money to do anything other than replace the motor.

I have taken it upon myself to start a fundraiser and do everything I can to help her meet and exceed the amount of money needed for the motor. Truthfully, I’m praying that we can replace the motor and pay off the car.

Here is the fundraiser: https://www.youcaring.com/adrianemaloney-807699.

Her name is Adriane Maloney.

Regina Walker

Oklahoma City


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