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Letter: Help historical societies

Measure 1A on the upcoming November ballot, soon to be in all Garfield County voters’ mailboxes, will provide funding to all of the historical societies in Garfield County (if approved).

Every town in the county has a historical society that operates a museum that provides an informative and interesting display of the cultural heritage of the area. As the past president of the Silt Historical Society/Park I have had the great pleasure of visiting each of these museums and working with the volunteers who donate their personal time to keep them open. I can assure all voters that without donations and volunteers the museums would not be open. (They all need funding assistance.)

Each of these museums provides our citizens, visitors to the area and, more importantly, our children, a view of and an understanding of what it took to make this great county what it is today. I wish every voter had the opportunity to take an elementary school class through one of these museums or to demonstrate a skill used by the early settlers to the area. The attention paid and the questions asked by these children is amazing.

Measure 1A if passed would result in a tax increase of $3.42 per $100,000 of assessed property value for each tax payer. What a bargain.

If you are a voter in Garfield County please vote to approve Measure 1A. Our children need this resource.

Bill Smith



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