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Letter: Help wanted

Nation with a population of 324 million seeking a mature, professional leader. Ideal candidate would not lie on a daily basis, hire inexperienced people for cabinet level positions, demand parades from his military, or build useless walls. Candidate would acknowledge when other countries interfere in elections and take punitive measures to punish the leaders of these countries.

Spending millions of dollars on numerous weekends in Florida will be frowned upon. A full financial disclosure including tax returns may be expected in order to ascertain any conflicts of interest.

It should be acknowledged that the popular vote was not fraudulent and that there is the more pressing business of managing a country. Hillary and Obama are of little relevance, get over it.

Petulant, childish, insulting tweeting will not be tolerated. Candidate should understand that a vibrant economy can be achieved while still protecting the environment and is important to the well-being of the nation. Candidate should take credit only where credit is due and not assign blame and insults to hard-working employees. Those wishing to apply for the job would understand that it is about a nation and not about him.

Marco Diaz


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