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Letter: Heroic effort

I want to express my gratitude for a random act of kindness conveyed by one of our local residents this weekend. An unfortunate turn of events while float fishing Friday evening on the Fork left my 14-foot vessel pinned upside down to a rock; I spent the next day with several good Samaritan friends attempting its recovery.

We stayed safe, but the 2,500 CFS river neglected to loosen its grip. Vowing to try again after the flow receded, we walked away feeling defeated for the second day in a row. But then I got a call: my boat was free and my gear recovered.

Unprompted but concerned about the safety of others, Gordon Turner and his father-in-law, with what must have been a divine gift of strength, independently pulled, flipped and drifted the boat to shore. Although he would accept no token of my gratitude, his efforts of 3½ hours well exceeded routine and customary, and I hope to one day pay it forward in a similar fashion. Hats off, Gordon!

Rob Nelson

Glenwood Springs

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