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Letter: Hershey says thank you!

I am honored and humbled by the trust the people of Glenwood Springs have placed in me by electing me to the City Council. I promise to work hard and to always listen to and respect your concerns. I also want to acknowledge my two opponents who ran a hard-fought race.
There is not enough room in this entire newspaper to thank everyone, but I did want to thank a few people here who were particularly helpful with their time, support, advice and encouragement (in no particular order): Stephen Bershenyi, Zac Parsons, Lisa Nieslanik, Stephen Nieslanik, Greg Greer, Masala & Curry, my sister Lisa Lowsky, Jim Yellico, Paula Derevensky, Tom Jankovsky, Ian Exelbert, John Martin, Steve Nilsson, Frank Soderberg, Lou Vallario, Graham Jackson, A.J. Hasbrouck, Judy Martin, Jennifer Vanian, Sarah Nordgaard, Bruce Christensen, and my biggest supporter ever: my mother Carole Hershey!
And thank you everyone who voted. I appreciate it. Now the work begins!
Tony Hershey,
Glenwood Springs

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