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Letter: Hiking dogs need water

I am truly amazed by how many dog owners take their family member dogs on hikes and mountain bike rides and don’t take water for the dogs. A dog overheats 10 times quicker than a person, and the only way they cool off is through their paws and tongue, so if the ground is hot they will overheat rapidly.

I always take extra water for others dogs even though I don’t have a dog. So far, since May I have given others dogs water because the [owners] went on a hike for their own benefit and misread the poor dog’s ability to endure the heat.

• A dog should be given water every 10 minutes.

• Take them only early morning or late evening.

• Remember you are wearing shorts and tank tops, but the dog still has a full fur coat.

• There are so many great devices to take water for your dog; also put ice in it so it stays cool.

• They will do anything for you, even die of heat, so be aware of their needs.

• If they are overheating, stop, let them rest in the shade until they stop panting, and put water on their belly.

Sally Linden

Glenwood Springs

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