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Letter: Historical Grand Avenue building has no architectural merit

One would think that most decisions could be made using critical data … “there’s an app for that.” It’s especially true in business and banking. So if a bank is to be built, it would be looked upon as critically as it would for the use of money for a home-buyer. Second guessing the decision for a bank to build a bank is therefore redundant. The only question that remains is if it’s built in a compromising location.

Two things come to mind with ANB Bank’s proposed location in the 900 block of Grand Avenue in Glenwood Springs. Will it destroy a landmark and will it hurt the character of the area? No on both counts. True, that building does appear in historic photos of Grand Avenue, but it has no significant architectural merit, as does the Federal building next door.

In the 1950s it was Baker’s Ford Garage. It’s nice that it has been successfully repurposed. Unfortunately, the types of businesses it attracts now are of a small and fleeting character. Don’t believe that commuter and commercial traffic must stop for tchotchkes, tattoos and T-shirts. Besides, if a bank fails or moves on, it will leave a more worthy building in its wake to be repurposed.

Fred Stewart,
Grand Junction

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