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Letter: History experienced, thanks to Rifle

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, arguably one of the greatest achievements of mankind. 

Fifty years ago I was at Scout summer camp at Rifle Falls during the Apollo mission. Officials at the town of Rifle heard that about 50 scouts who were camped outside of town were going to miss this historic event.   

The town reached out to our troop leaders and invited us all to come in to Rifle Town Hall, where they set up a TV for us to watch Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong land on the moon. They hooked up a cable connection so we could see the broadcast. 

Back then, this wasn’t an easy feat, and 50 years later I still clearly remember how friendly everyone was when this group of young boys came into town. I will always appreciate how Rifle literally opened its doors to this group of out-of-town campers.

 This fall, I am retiring after 40 years of public service in local government. I can’t help but think this amazing outreach by the town of Rifle may have had a part in my decision to enter a career of public service and in local government in particular.

Fifty years later, I want to say “thank you.” Your hospitality made a lasting impact on a bunch of young men back in 1969.

 Frank Lancaster

town administrator

Estes Park, Colo.

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