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Letter: History lesson

It was wonderful to read Alex Beinstein’s foray into revisionist history (Dec. 5th). It’s good for a laugh although the omissions of oversimplification are often very, very tragic.

Case in point is that those Puritans who came to the new world persecuted those who didn’t adhere to the strict doctrine just as puritanical as what they left behind, thus his fixations on the Puritans as engines of freedom. Thus Anglo-nizing groups such as the Huguenots who were Germanic, who also sought freedom of worship.

Beinstein skipped much of America’s colonial formation to back-slap those we call the Founding Fathers even though their purpose was to preserve that which they have created out of the land granted them by the Crown. Such as William Penn’s Pennsylvania. Filled with Quakers. Protestants who came to places like Massachusetts Bay Colony not just to escape the long held traditions of the Catholic Europe but to convert the heathens. More religious license than freedom because freedom in America actually stems from another source: In the surrender documents of the liberal merchant Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam. An overlooked document which preserved the liberty of the colonist to be free in their person and worship. When the Dutch relinquished the island of Manhattan to the conquering New Yorkers and the state conformity to the Church of England.

Beinstein’s sainting of Churchill suffers a similar myopia in that defeating the Nazis depended very much on those Communist defeating the Nazis at Stalingrad. Thus barring Axis expansion into the oil reserves of the Caspian basin of Kazakhstan, which would have made the Nazis blitzkrieg more sustainable.

Likewise Beinstein erroneously credited Reagan with the fall of the Iron Curtain when this was because of Polish trade unionist and Muslim Al-Qaeda and the Northern alliance, in Afghanistan, being victorious in the Soviet’s version of Vietnam. Who Anglo self-deception abandoned (as allies) and gave caused the rise of the Taliban and ISIS.

Please, learn some of the multi-ethnic nuances of actual history.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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