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Letter: History will judge us on climate

Baby Boomers have enjoyed the fruits of citizenship in the greatest nation on Earth. We will pass to our rewards before we reap the worst literal and figurative whirlwinds of our fossil-fueled economy. Following generations and current residents in marginal areas of the world cannot say the same.

Ninety-nine percent of active climate scientists recognize and publish the threats posed by human effects on climate. A majority of Americans accept the fact of man-made global warming. We recognize that we should act, but we are procrastinators.

“Climate Change: What Everyone Needs to Know,” by Joseph Romm, clarifies the issues succinctly:

1. Human-caused greenhouse gas climate change is real.

2. Costly extreme weather events, extended droughts, wildfires, heat waves, famine, wars, floods, melting glaciers and ice caps, sea level rise, pine bark beetles, species loss and migration of climate refugees is occurring.

3. These and other problems will continue to worsen even if we reach zero net emissions. (Decades will pass before the climate equilibrates.)

4, A price on carbon is a market means to convert to a renewable energy economy.

5. The costs of “kicking the can down the road” will far exceed the costs of converting ASAP to optimum renewable energy.

6. Fossil fuel dependence will eventually cease. Market-driven conversion to sustainability is occurring. The real question is whether it will be timely, leaving a world which substantially resembles the world of 2016.

Boomers, you have a vote. Don’t waste it on anyone who won’t act in concrete ways to advance the switch from fossil fuels. Not for president, not for senator or representative; not for governor or commissioner or even for dogcatcher.

History will be our judge. What will your grandchildren think of your climate actions?

David Schroeder

New Castle

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