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Letter: Hoffmann assessment misinformed

In response to John Hoffmann’s letter of Dec. 21 in which he cavalierly declared a “silly goofs” label upon the county commissioners: I don’t know where he got the information on which he formed his opinion about the decision of the commissioners on the (not public) Peach Valley river park project.

He certainly did not get it by attending the meeting, hearing the facts and assessing the negative impact it threatened to visit upon our people, wildlife, river, highways and railroad corridors.

I cannot claim an opinion on his other issue regarding their decision on a gas well project because I don’t know anything about it. But I must question what he based his opinion on regarding that issue as well since he had no accurate information on the Peach Valley issue.

I for one thank the Garfield County commissioners for their time and consideration and excellent decision to deny the terrible Peach Valley River Park plan.

Camille Vigil

New Castle

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