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Letter: Hoffmann’s picks

Jean Alberico is amazing. Thanks to her calm, confident, utterly respectful demeanor and her stunning grasp of the systems involved we have the most efficient, hardworking clerks we can ask for in Garfield County. I needed a quick license tag and made one call and the registration and tag are in my mail box the next day. Jean spent an entire year becoming intimate with the new ballot machines and making sure her people were knowledgeable too. She has my vote.

Write in “Khalsa” for GarCo Sheriff. We need that community conversation.

Amendment W was a quandary for me. After years of checking yes for judges (one year checking no, for no reason) I decided that I am ready to relinquish my dubious control to a bipartisan panel that might have a clue about the judges. I’m hoping 55 percent of us vote yes because my wrist cramped up checking an ignorant yes for judges.

Amendment 75 is a head scratcher, too. So, if some politician can dump $1 million of her own money into an election, then the other side should be able to open the floodgates, too. But what if both sides dump a million in (as is often the case)? If the greatest problem in our elections is too much money, how would opening them to even more money help? I voted no, hoping to prevent the 55 percent needed to pass.

Amendment 73 is as much about creating a more equitable funding distribution system among our schools, as raising the pittance of money from sources that can afford it. Joyce Rankin has worked hard to come up with a way to get more money to our students and distribute it in a better way. I voted yes despite knowing that my business will pay some $20+ more a year to make the state better.

John Hoffmann


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