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Letter: Hola a todos

After being a resident of Garfield County for more than 23 years, I’ve seen the community go to different stages. Something that no one can deny is how wealthy our county was before they shut down the oil and gas. Yes I do have kids and grandchildren and yes I do worry about their future. Of course we need to find good ways to create other kinds of resources, but in the meantime we cannot afford not having the oil and gas industry up and going. We need those jobs and money back.

As an owner of my own business (a Mexican restaurant), I know how hard it is to sustain and maintain a local business. I don’t want more taxes and more credit opportunities. We need people with good jobs so they can help the economy.

We need Tom Jankovsky and his knowledge.

We have a lot of Latino neighbors working in Greeley and other places — probably numbers that are not even at any statistic. Ask the Latino community in Rifle and you will find the answer. Tom Jankovsky will put the oil and gas industry in better shape for our county.

I support Tom Jankovsky.

Salvador Corona

New Castle

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