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Letter: Hold councilors accountable

City Council’s plan to sell the pedestrian bridge’s “North Landing” site to a private developer is incomprehensible. It seems they’d accept another pot shop on that land instead of a park.

Glenwood residents need to follow Aspen’s example and require a public vote before City Council can continue to approve development projects that are harming our city and do not conform to minimum standards.

Another case in point, the 116-unit Oasis Creek apartment complex now under construction in West Glenwood. City Council approved the massive project, (two, four-story buildings), after the Planning and Zoning Department recommended against it due to the substantial deviations from standards in height and parking availability among other things.

Because the site is really too small, the project has begun by pulling down much of the hill that supports Donegan Road. When that begins to cause consequences, city taxpayers will have to foot the bill. And the nearest motel will have to deal with people using them for parking.

Developers easily manipulate city councils that are often stacked with real estate agents and people involved in the development field. The mantra is always: We urgently need “affordable housing,” and the variances are needed to make a profit. Prices for these units will be exactly what the market will bear, although many of the units will be tiny.

Something needs to be done before they start giving sweetheart deals to developers in the confluence area, which could be ruined by allowing a few people to make a lot of money there. We should establish a requirement that a plaque must be placed upon completion of developments that lists the names of councilors who voted to approve noncompliant projects or to sell city-owned lands to developers.

At least then they could be held accountable and residents could call them to ask “where do you suggest I park?”

Jerry Krebs

Glenwood Springs

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