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Letter: Hold Hillary accountable so we can move on

Interesting tactics: to say or do something so preposterous that it’s improbable, and therefore unbelievable … even to the impostor. Only in retrospect does it make sense, despite persistent denial.

We are all guilty of denial of the truth, because we all want to avoid responsibility, and … it hurts our pride, doesn’t it? So human.

Good time to re-access the “political climate change” we’re in because Mueller is about to conclude his investigation. Bottom line: Don’t run for the crumbs.

Last presidential election scenario: It would have been impossible to be elected president if a candidate were ever to have been questioned, much less indicted on charges of any prior misconduct. All the present drama is just smoke and mirrors started by Comey, et.al., and now drawn out by Mueller.

Trump is the perfect “after the election” patsy as the “shady,” overambitious businessman, outsider. This puts the “real” truth a couple levels down and therefore beyond the scope of Mueller’s investigation. Hillary is safe…

The whole thing is unimaginative and insulting because it is all convenient, coincidental facts and innuendos that tell a lie that misleads and “numbs down” the country. It comes from the top-Left, but it’s also a top-Right tactic.

Democrats have two options: They either stick together with “Trumpisms” and live their lie … or they appeal to the better angels of their nature, and hold Hillary et.al. accountable for all past and ongoing misdeeds. Only then, can we as a country, move on. Oprah.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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