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Letter: Hold those who litter accountable

According to our Garfield County Libraries, April is “Keep America Beautiful” month. Also Earth Day is April 22. Which makes it even more appalling to see the trash along Interstate 70 and elsewhere. Our valleys are beautiful after a good snowstorm when our world looks white and sparkly clean. All the ugliness of weeds, dead animals, and littered trash are covered for a while. Of course it can’t be pristine all the time, but we do have control of the trash.
Our natural and spiritual lives depend on our stewardship of all creation. For this fragile earth is our island home! We need to be responsible for caring for our part of this earth. Adults who do not litter also teach children, by their actions, to do likewise. Littering and allowing items to blow out of vehicles denies any support of these values, and is irresponsible.
I wish I had a solution. Those who litter never seem to be seen or held accountable. If you happen to witness someone littering and have the opportunity, hand the object back and say that they must have dropped something, in your nicest voice of course!
I think most of us would like to see less trash along our roads. I hope this letter helps.
Pam Strohmeyer,

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