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Letter: Horror of testing

Editor’s note: Today’s letters are from students.

The single most horrible thing in a student’s career is testing, whether it the weekly pop quizzes to AP testing to standardize testing, it is what all public school districts run, and it is all just to get money. Although testing can be a valuable way to check the progress of some students, testing should not be the single most regarded thing as the absolute only way to track students’ progress and more importantly get the money needed to run a school.

Less testing means more learning. The top ranking schools in the world are in Finland, and in many of the studies taken on these school found that the more freedom teachers have to explore the subjects they are teaching, the more effective teaching becomes. Students worry about studying for the tests they have every week rather than trying listening and taking valuable notes and doing hands on activities that are beyond important to the development of students all ages. According to Funders and Founders, there are nine different types of intelligence: Naturalist (nature smart), Musical (sound smart), Logical-mathematical (number/reasoning smart), Existential (life smart), Interpersonal (people smart), Bodily-kinesthetic (body smart), Linguistic (word smart), Intrapersonal (self smart) and Spatial (picture smart). Very few of these learning styles can be tracked with the written test.

Public school systems in the United States are based off of money from the government. Much like everything in this world, everything is about money. You go to school, to college, to get a job to get money. It is a vicious cycle, and money is right in the middle of it, and the public school district is absolutely no exception. The only thing that makes the school district money is testing. Though the teachers are not the only ones that suffer due to the lack of funding in the school district, teachers also suffer. Teachers have such small yearly salaries, and they are the ones turning out the leaders of tomorrow.

Kristen Davis

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