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Letter: Horrors of immigration

Did anyone read the headline story in the Nov. 12 Post Independent? Check out this wording: “Trump’s call for deporting millions of people in the country improperly …” blah, blah, blah. Improperly. That’s a new one. What kind of deranged brain thinks like this? How about “illegally?”

Then the article went on to talk about the human rights of people here illegally. What about the human rights of U.S. citizens? Think about all the money we as taxpayers are forced to pay to support people who don’t belong here in the first place.

There are approximately 7 billion people on the Earth right now. Through time, an estimated 80 billion humans that have inhabited our planet. More than two-thirds of the present human inhabitants of the world make less than $2 a day. Our current interpretation of the U.S. Constitution allows any woman from any part of the world who gives birth in our country automatic citizenship to that baby and a way for the parents to remain here in our country.

We’re the only country in the world with that policy. This has resulted in millions of people living in this country illegally. When I was born in 1939, there were approximately 140 million people in the USA. There are now 320 million. They estimate when your 1-year-old is 70 there will be 700 million people living here.

This means the standard of living will drastically decline. It already is. Think about that next time you look at your family.
Today if you live in America, globally you’re already considered in the 1 percent. At the current rate of economic decline it won’t be that way for long. That’s why immigration policies need to be enforced. Thank God Donald Trump was elected president because Hillary Clinton was for open borders.

One more news item I would like to share with Glenwood residents: My Canadian Mounted Police friend in Montreal just emailed me to report that no celebrities have yet to cross the border into Canada. I’ll keep you all posted.

Stan Rachesky
Glenwood Springs

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