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Letter: Housing wants versus needs

The core of the affordable housing “crisis” is mainly due to wants versus needs. People want to live here. Many of them don’t need to live here … but simply want to live here. And, therefore, the housing demand gets higher and higher.

The basic economic theory of supply and demand dictates that, due to high demand (wanting to live here, not needing to…), house prices go up. Go figure.

The general response is unfortunate. Build more and more “affordable” housing. The Six Canyon Apartments are not affordable ($1,700 to $2,000 a month for a one-bedroom). What an “affordable” joke.

The Lofts at Glenwood Meadows are not affordable ($1,500 to $1,800 a month for a one-bedroom). Another “affordable” joke.

And all that Glenwood gets is more traffic and more pressure. And all because of wants … not needs. Let’s face it, Glenwood is starting to look more and more like the Front Range on a daily basis.

I think the Chamber and the Post Independent should quit posting funsy outdoorsy photos of how great it is to be here … and instead disclose how expensive it is to live here, disclose that there are maybe only one or two available rentals in town at a ridiculous price, show pictures of the daily downvalley traffic jam, and show pictures of the crap-bag streets that the City Council continues to ignore. Maybe that would slow down the wants.

The accommodation tax is simply providing advertising to the want-to-be-here crowd — making the want even higher, and basically destroying our small town.

Hard core example: Hanging Lake. This was an unknown gem. But thanks to the Chamber, it was almost destroyed, and now you have to get a permit to see it. Progress!

Dave Heyliger
Glenwood Springs

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