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Letter: How about a 12-foot pigeon statue at the landing site?

The Grand Avenue Bridge is all but a done deal. Great job, by the way. My, how time flies by.

Speaking of things flying by, it’s time our thoughts go out to the 167 homeless homing pigeons left homeless after living for generations on the underbelly of the bridges rusted steel beams. Tenacious, as they were, thwarting the attempts of city workers doing their best to block their roost with mesh and plastic spikes. Some even staying steadfast as jackhammers and concrete saws dismantled their lair for over 60 years.   

Kudos to Feral Franco, the matriarch of the pigeon posse. Who during, what will be known as the Great Collapse of Aug. 15, 2017, stayed steadfast to his home since he was just a mere squab. Only to be reduced to pigeon pate, by being caught between rail and steel beam.

These displaced friends now make do to roost about town, So nice to see the Methodist Church welcomes them to their flock, where they have found a home on the roof.

So, tired of being cooped up all winter? Maybe we can find them a new home?

How about the landing site? Sounds appropriate. A 12 foot pigeon statue to honor the displaced doves.

Jimmy Polowchena

Glenwood Springs

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