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Letter: How democracy works

At this point it does not look like Trump will win the election, and all the talk of a rigged election and a biased press is just un-American. Our system of freedom is based on a free press and fair elections.

There is virtually no evidence that our election process is rigged. Our press does seem to favor Hillary, but that is primarily due to Trump’s behavior. The man is constantly tweeting provocative statements and has managed to say something negative about the majority of Americans with little or no apology.

While on the other side Hillary does little to attract attention and despite the flow of WikiLeaks there is little damning substance and it is mostly just boring politics. It is simply that Trump’s behavior demands press coverage. When one looks at things without emotion but from a standpoint of facts (that is the job of the press), Trump gets the majority of the coverage, and it is often negative.

The one thing that Trump consistently tells the truth about is the “feelings” or “emotional beliefs” of his followers. He has brilliantly tapped into the emotions of some Americans. What concerns me the most is how that constituency will react if they lose the election. Trump is trying to persuade them that if he loses, it is because of the press and/or a rigged election process. He offers no proof of either.

What I hope everyone will remember is that we live in a democracy, and the majority rules. All Americans need to be heard, and all opinions are very important in the decision process of a democracy. In the end we all need to live by the majority decisions. We have elections to determine the direction the majority want for the nation, and in a democracy we peacefully go in that direction.

I have become a Hillary supporter through this election process, but if Trump wins, despite what I think of him, he will be my president. As an American, I support my president and trust him or her to lead effectively. That is how democracy works.

Munro Wilcox

Glenwood Springs

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