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Letter: How government can start fires

There are a couple of ways to get really destructive and spectacular with land fires. The first is the so-called fire ban. By not allowing farmers to burn fence lines and dry pastures, debris fields and day pastures, it allows the buildup of fuel for fire. When something like lightening or a traffic accident starts an unattended fire it really takes off and a little wind can help it become a disaster.

The second wild fire contributor is taking all of the sheep and cattle off the wild land. The best example of this was the (Coal Seam) Fire. The coal seam was on fire for many years, and it never started a fire. The grazing cattle used to be able to graze the grass down around the vent, until the city decided to cancel the grazing permit. Then the grass grew all across the land. It grew tall then dried, making it great fuel for fire.

Thousands of taxpayer dollars were spent to close the mine vent. Many of the beautiful trees and lush landscape were destroyed along with several residences during the fire.

Ross Talbott

New Castle

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