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Letter: How much longer?

Even the blue-collar rubes who voted for him are rapidly learning. Still, one wonders how much longer the leading fascist traitors of the Republican Party are going to tolerate der Gropenfuhrer’s ongoing, mindless damage to the nation and the world.

So far it appears that nearly a dozen foreign security agencies have contributed to the growing mountain of evidence detailing contacts with Russian agents between close Trump associates, both before and after the election. There are numerous contacts by family members, business associates and White House appointees to be sorted out.

While I’m sure a nuclear war with China would distract from that rapidly unraveling problem, just the casual expenditures of the daily attempts at distraction are getting out of hand. The weekend golf trips to Florida this year are on track to exceed the entire travel expenditures of the Obama administration’s eight years. The Secret Service cost for the Trump traveling circus may well run 10 or 20 times that of Obama’s total costs.

The 59 Tomahawk missiles he fired on an evacuated airfield, leaving the runways and the chemical weapon stocks untouched, (and the dud missile) cost in the range of $75 million just for the missiles.

It was probably worth it, though, because it gave both Trump and Putin the pap they need to feed their true believers at home. Fear, fear and more fear. Be sure to fear tiny North Korea and China (again) while we are on fear. Assad came out just fine, too, attacked by the Great Satan. A Despot’s Deal if there ever was one.

What can be said to a political party and the voters of a nation who continue to allow Trump to harm our nation and lead the world to war for his vanity? Donald Trump is clearly not sane enough to be in control of this nation. We follow him to catastrophe.

R.W. Boyle
New Castle

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