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Letter: How the GOP won

Roland McLean’s “Republicans win by being in touch with the rule of law” grates. It is full of the alternate information and illusion of the willfully ignorant.

Cheney won because McCrory and Caloia predictably split the compassionate vote. Republicans won the House and Senate because of a focused, long-term policy of destroying national democracy. We reduce the ability to vote, shaped districts to only include the right, and made the election so nasty and repugnant that liberals want to have nothing to do with it, or the drip, drip of innuendo.

Right-wing radio to the Heartland by AP and Clear Channel and military indoctrination think Republican due to their faithful funding and a need to be faithful to commands. Trump was given the presidency because he received a mere 80,000 more votes that tipped the Electoral College out of the 136 million cast.

Despite 9 million more votes by liberals for Hillary, Johnson and Stein and because the power structure, that is the AP and Koch’s billion-dollar investment, made it so. If the rule of law gets a psychopathic liar and thin-skinned, negative, raging, maniac elected, I can do without it. If the right wanted a wrecking ball, they got him. Demographics are old hat, psychometrics are the new PR. Watch out what we put on Facebook.

John Hoffmann

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