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Letter: How things change

Hey, y’all, I am writing this from my home state of Texas. Well, actually Louisiana, ’cause there ain’t no hotel rooms in Southeast Texas.

I was given about 12 hours notice to git out of Redstone, find a flight and git down here and help these folks, many of whom voted for the (there is no human-caused global warming) party. Anyways, it is amazing how thangs change. In a single day you go from voting for a guy who wants to gut FEMA by $300 million and build a wall between us and Mexico to really hoping that the government can help you get your living room wall back, which will probably be constructed by either Hispanics or African-Americans.

I would point out that the regulations regarding mandatory flood insurance and lending in flood-prone areas was relaxed, thus a whole bunch of these folks are gonna be “up a creek” with no insurance. Those regulations really suck until you need them.

Oh, and by the way, #45 hates Obama so much that he reversed the former president’s rule requiring that government-subsidized rebuilding in flood zones be built above 100-year flood zones. Genius.

Marco Diaz


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