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Letter: How to fix immigration

I agree with Mr. Jesse that building a physical wall along our southern border will do little to deter illegal immigration. (PI, Dec. 14)

There are however three changes that would in unison effectively end illegal immigration.
The first is enacting a law that would make using a fake Social Security number a felony.
There are 6.5 million SSNs in use whose age is supposedly over 112 years. These numbers can be used to register to vote.

The second thing is to repeal the 14th amendment. Only Canada and the U.S. have a native-born citizenship law. No other country on Earth has such inane encouragement for illegal immigration.

Last but most important is to make “E-Verify” mandatory for all employers and employees. Tack on a $500 fine for each illegally employed worker per week and they would in fact “self-deport,” as Mitt Romney once suggested.

No wall. No Hitler-like roundups. Our immigration system is not broken. We allow over a million legal immigrants to become citizens every year.

We’ve just lost the will to enforce the lax laws we do have.

Bruno Kirchenwitz

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