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Letter: How to fix legal corruption

Billionaires and super-billionaires have the potential to swing races, and this year they are trying especially hard to do so, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Republican campaigns while super billionaires who control publishing and broadcasting and cable properties direct their far right spiels at more than half the population.

Virtually every Republican in Congress votes for the kinds of legislation these fat cat donors press for, like the recently enacted tax law; 83 percent of the benefits of which will go to the richest 1 percent. If Republicans in Congress were honest, they would have titled it “The Tax Cuts and Extra Tax Loopholes Primarily for the Rich and Especially for the Super Rich Act.”

Scott Tipton is part of this vicious circle, not that he’s doing anything illegal. He’s not, but that’s the problem, and the only way to fix it is to vote him and like-minded Republicans out of office and replace them with people not beholden to big corporations and special interests. The two principal Democrat contenders, Diane Mitch Bush and Karl Hanlon, have pledged to take no money from corporate PACs. I’ve heard them speak on multiple occasions and studied their websites. Hanlon is a good man, but there is no doubt in my mind that Diane Mitsch Bush is the most qualified, most incisive, most effective, and most likely to defeat Tipton in November.

Edward Packard


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