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Letter: Hurting law enforcement

The honorable John Neiley is wasting taxpayer dollars and Sheriff Lou Vallario’s time. The sheriff busted 14 Chinese nationals, some possibly here illegally, who were caught harvesting over 10 semi-truck loads of pot.

A soft-headed, “progressive” judge, Johnny Neiley lowered most of their bonds to a scant $1,500 and all 14 bonded out of jail with no expectation of their ever showing up for their day in court.

Two years ago Sheriff Lou busted over a dozen midvalley drug dealers who were released on shamefully low bail bonds. I never read about any of them being convicted either.

Between bleeding-heart, liberal judges and the likes of DA Sherri “Let’s Make a Deal” Caloia, law enforcement is being made a toothless joke.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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