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Letter: Hypocrisy of Americans

This letter is not going to be a flat statement. This is a letter that asks simple questions that apply, in my mind, to the hypocrisy of us, the American people.

First let us consider religion-based actions. It is widely written and held, in the opinion of many Americans, that radical Islam or Muslim religion is a form of control exerted over women. We cite burkas, stoning, the inability of some Muslim women to drive cars or further their education.

Now let’s consider Christianity in this country. We have a portion of our population who claim to be Christian, but are pro-life. If abortion being made illegal is a Christian value, that brings forth the question of: Why is the Christian movement to make a medical procedure (abortion) illegal not a form of control over women?

Now terrorism. We define terrorism as an attack on innocent people if you look at the base reasoning. We have seen radicalized religious terrorism from both Muslims and Christians (Timothy McVeigh) in our country.

We, as a country, send in SEAL teams to kill a single target. Sadly, U.S. forces killed eight civilians, including a child, without killing the intended target. How might the residents and neighbors of these victims view our countries actions? Is it logical to assume they will see that as terrorism? How are U.S. drones being flown over Kabul 24/7 for years now, and using those drones to kill legitimate targets and innocent civilians (point, click, kill) in error, not terrorism?

Reverse the thinking: If some country was flying drones over Denver and killing anyone, and the American people did not have the weaponry to stop it, how would we not see that as terrorism?

The war on terrorism is terrorism. Control of women based in any religion is still control. Are not both of these statements true? Why are our actions as Americans/Christians not hypocrisy?

Guess what. They are.

Brad Gates
New Castle

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