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Letter: Hypocritical Republicans

I truly do not understand how hypocritical Republicans can be touting their idealistic but grossly unsympathetic point of view. When our forefathers penned the Constitution and allowed the public the right to bear arms, they surely did not mean for the general public to have access to automatic firearms. If you are that scared for your safety and need an automatic weapon under your pillow, well maybe you should try living elsewhere, because this tells me that maybe you shouldn’t have that kind of power.

We were also given this thing called separation of church and state. I am the first to allow the freedom of your religion, but where is the separation? Republicans continue to put religious beliefs into our politics. Why? As I see it, they think only of themselves and their precious ego. If religion is to be part of our politics. Well maybe we should remove the tax exemption churches so very much enjoy.

I saw a refrigerator magnet with a lovely picture of Jesus, and the caption read: “Like Jesus would ever carry a gun and vote Republican!” As if Jesus would ever only think of himself as the Republicans seem to do.

Charles Sims

Glenwood Springs

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