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Letter: Ignorance on display

I watched Donald Trump’s Pennsylvania celebration of himself a couple of nights ago. I listened to the lies, my eyes rolled, that was easy. What is not so easy is how to react to a large group of what should be reasonable people cheering for a man cheering for himself. I ask myself what kind of filter does it take to not see an over-inflated ego compensating for some serious self esteem issues?

Then there was the wall. Almost 2,000 miles from the border in a district with less than 2 percent Hispanics they cheered loudly when “The Wall” was brought up. While a certain level of bigotry is obvious in the crowd’s response, so is a level of ignorance. Ignorance to fact that the wall is a huge waste of money and easily circumvented. Most of the drugs reaching Pennsylvania come up the Atlantic seaboard from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic and not our southwestern boarders. The gang MS-13 makes up just one percent of the gang activity in The United States and was invented in the United States, but Trump likes to use it as his excuse to build a wall and his paranoid followers cheer.

If Trump wall supporters would take the time to get informed, they would also understand that the majority of drugs coming into the country are coming in through traditional regulated border crossings such as roads, ports and airports and then of course tunnels, none of which a wall is going to stop. Again “real news.” Not even the Berlin wall stopped the smuggling of people and contraband.

Donald Trump needs to keep the fear mongering going, so I have an idea that is another total impractical, waste of money and should appeal to his fearful base. Drumroll please. A giant night light in space paid for by the Chinese and powered by coal.

In all honesty, I think it is a travesty that the people that we send to Washington lack the backbone to stand up to the self-indulgent whims of a leader so lacking in ethical and moral integrity or character. You do know that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes right?

Marco Diaz



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