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Letter: Ignorance overrides PC

Unfortunately the press does not police itself. Dishonest journalism is expected in National Enquirer-caliber grocery store magazines. The headlines are as blatant as a Saturday morning tweet. This is fine, it’s a free country and there is freedom of the press. That does not mean freedom from accountability and the truth.

Writing 101 includes a lesson in writing fallacies: the red herring, the straw man, ad hoc, post hoc, false dichotomy, ad hominem, non sequitur, hasty generalization, slippery slope, begging the question, circular reasoning, just to name most.

Wake up people, have you ever heard a statement by Trump criticized on the basis of disciplined fallacy? We’re all so polite that we can’t criticize him on valid logic? Ignorance is overriding PC. We all pick our favorite cable channel that preaches to the choir, and as a result people talk past each other in absentia.

Trump’s strength is that he sees through this, and by outrageous statements, gets people talking. The biggest truth he has exposed is that the office of the presidency is not free. It has been enslaved.

All this precludes problems that are overlooked by such infighting that could be solved with a bit of creativity. For example: despite DNA science, species are disappearing, like the elephant and the rhino that are prized for their tusks/horns. Couldn’t gene research prevent the growth of tusks and horns? The same concepts could be applied to invasive species of plants and animals on a reproductive level. For example: pet pythons let loose in the Everglades, kudzu, tamarisk, etc.

CD-ROMs once referred to as “the new papyrus” have been subsumed in “the cloud.” How stable is that? How will someone who risked his reputation/life (Snowden) showing the seamy inner workings of government surveillance, be distinguished from those who sell national secrets?

Fred Stewart
Grand Junction

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