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Letter: Ignoring the point

It seems that Mr. Kriz, as is so often the case, missed some items of importance in the letters from Mr. Malo and myself. Criticizing the use of valid politically descriptive terms, which accurately describe the actions and behavior of the Republican (and some of the Democratic) participants, and likely directed by his out-of- touch-with-reality “leader”; he continues to harp about issues politically long past and of no current consequence.

The letters make no mention of Hillary Clinton. The clear issue is: When the Russians interfered in our 2016 election, who paid for it, who did the planning and placement of ads, etc., and, who benefited, and how much, from what occurred in the election.

Strong, new information is gathering daily about payments from Russia and the laundering of money; regardless of the numerous clumsy attempts at obstruction by the Republican Party and Donald Trump himself.

Either Mr. Kriz has no progeny, cares little for their welfare or simply does not understand, as with seemingly most Americans, the fantastic magnitude of the looting of our country and theft of the resources of generations, just perpetrated by The Donald and his puppet thieves. Aside from the enormous damage he and his “new” party are inflicting on our nation, there are numerous other issues, all commonly reviewed in the daily press and electronic news.

As I have noted before: If you want a simple grasp on what is occurring in our nation today, get on the internet, download and actually read: Fourteen Signs of Fascism. Think about how you already see your government behaving in today’s world. Listen to the politicians.

Today, many of them are talking in the clear about what they have in mind for us. See if you think the increasing attacks on education, medical services, child care and much more for the American people seem morally right to you in the face of the benefits being heaped on the corporations and the wealthy.

The time is right, this pack of neo-Nazis are ill-balanced on their pedestal of power.

R.W. Boyle

New Castle

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