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Letter: Illegal immigration dangers

Our immigration system is not broken. Our will to enforce our sovereignty has been crippled by big business and their shills in the liberal media who keep preaching that ever more immigration, legal or not, is good for the economy. BULL-oney!

Ever more immigration is what floods the labor market and depresses the wages of all citizen workers. Illegal immigration is one of the main causes of income inequality. Given free reign, open-border idiots and people immigrating illegally will tear this great country down to the level of the Third World countries all those aliens are running away from.

Sandra Lopez is one such alien. Sixteen years ago Sandra entered the country illegally, and she’s been hiding ever since. Only now she is hiding “bravely” in a church.

This country allows over a million legal immigrants to become citizens every year. During her 16 years of hiding, one might say Sandra skipped in line in front of over 16 million people who obeyed our laws. What makes Sandra better than those 16 million and the millions more still waiting to enter legally? Why is she so special as to make up her own immigration laws?

Granting people like Sandra Lopez amnesty only encourages more foreigners to breach our borders. The decision to “break up” families rests solely with the parents. After all, they can take their offspring back with them across the Rio Grande, with the advantage of having obtained dual citizenship for them.

It’s more of a reward than these interlopers deserve for being sneaky.

Bruno Kirchenwitz



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