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Letter: I’m not a racist

In regards to Mr. Hoffmann’s letter of 8-30-17; John, John, John you sound like one of those older white guys burdened with what you perceive to be undeserved privilege. You feel a responsibility for all the world less fortunate than you and you band together with others of like ilk and define yourselves pretentiously as “progressive.”

For those who don’t agree with your naive belief in globalization, you add labels like racist and white to twist nationalism into a paper tiger you can slay. Well you ain’t killing off this cat.

There is nothing racist about wanting our weak immigration laws enforced. I don’t care if you’re German or French or Swahili, whether you’re white or green or purple, if you’re here illegally, I want you gone. Illegal immigration is a cancer in our society that could be cured if we would do three things:

First, make e-verify mandatory for all employers and employees. Second, make using a fake Social Security number a felony (1-5 years in federal prison) And, lastly, repeal the 14th Amendment. Allowing aliens here illegally to spawn a citizen is an inane incentive for foreign nationals to breach our borders.

Oh, and I have some insights about Germany during the World War II since my dad was a 16-year-old sergeant in Berlin at the end of the war. Luckily, he was captured by the Americans or we probably wouldn’t be having this pleasant discourse,

Know that I am a patriotic nationalist and I happen to be white. But don’t you ever dare label me a racist.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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