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Letter: Impeach Trump

Donald Trump’s address to the Boy Scouts was the last straw for this citizen. I have thought that impeachment was warranted for some time, that there are unmistakable signs of mental illness in our president that cause behavior threatening to our democracy and reputation as a leader in the world. There has been much effort to rationalize and accommodate Trump’s idiosyncrasies, but before more damage is done, I think it is time to call upon Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings. That is where it must start in accordance with our Constitution.

It is not an easy process. I encourage everyone to read a detailed description of it on the web, but briefly, it is said that the “House impeaches and the Senate convicts.” The very first step comes from the House Judiciary Committee, which makes a recommendation to the full House which, if accepted, is passed on to the Senate, which acts as the jury in determining guilt.

We are encouraged to speak out about things we consider wrong in our government; I don’t have any illusions that my little letters to the editor will have much impact on the political scene, but I can’t accept the idea that impeachment is not warranted or that it is impossible. It is my hope that this avenue to ending a devastating chapter in U.S. history will get greater support by the people and encourage those in power to take action.

Pat Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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