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Letter: Impotent party system

Seems like every day I’m hearing about another broken government system.

Our government can’t do anything about climate change like every other government on the planet.

Our system to improve or maintain our infrastructure is broken.

Our military is in disarray.

Our immigration system is broken.

We cannot manage our public lands.

Now, the government is shut down because the Republicans won’t back down from their racist immigration policies and the Democrats insist on attaching the Dream Act to a spending bill as a rider, just like the Republicans attached the repeal of the individual mandate of the ACA and the approval of oil and gas drilling in the ANWR in Alaska to the tax bill. Both parties are badly fractured and completely impotent.

It’s time to admit it, folks: Our entire political system is broken. Time to throw out the baby with the bath water. Burn it to the ground and rebuild. We must call for a new order.

Fred Malo Jr.


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