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Letter: Improve Sixth St. stop

It is amazing to watch the new bridge construction. The pedestrian bridge is a great place for “sidewalk superintendents” to watch the construction and see progress on a daily basis. The bridge also provides a chance to see how many downvalley RFTA riders must walk across the bridge for their next connection.

RFTA created two temporary transportation hubs during the construction. The Seventh Street Amtrak hub is suitable for use during the construction. Unloading passengers can immediately start their walk over the bridge. The RFTA buses are normally waiting for people to load and get out of the weather.

However, the Sixth Street Colorado Hotel hub is poorly suited for passengers to wait and safely load buses. There is no place to sit or put down packages while waiting. When it rains (soon snow), it is disturbing to watch riders try to find some shelter under the pine trees until the bus arrives. Riders must walk across grass median to get on and off the buses. This turf will become mud once the rain and snow start on a regular basis.

Downvalley RFTA riders are making a big sacrifice during the construction. Our community needs to show appreciation for their efforts by addressing the Sixth Street hub inadequacies.

The hub can be improved quickly for minimal cost with the assistance from the city, RFTA and the Hot Springs Pool. It would be nice if the city would place several picnic tables at the hub for people to sit down while waiting. With the pool’s assistance, two or three of the adjacent parking spaces could be marked off for the tables to be placed on the asphalt.

The ultimate would be for the city or a rental company (promotional) to set up a party tent over the tables with one side enclosed to provide protection from the weather. Finally, carpet scraps can be placed over the turf at the bus loading area to reduce mud and provide a safe walking surface when the ground is wet.

Everyone is making a sacrifice during the construction. Let’s respect the impact on downvalley RFTA riders by improving the Sixth Street hub before bad weather hits.

Chuck Peterson

Glenwood Springs


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