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Letter: In praise of trickle-down

Oh, Camille (from Carbondale) …You’re a dreamer. You’re also a very liberal progressive Democrat.

Ninety million people not in the labor force. Household income down. You need to take a course in economics 101. Everybody benefits from trickle-down economics. The top 400 richest people in the USA create more than 10 million jobs. I‘m sure you’ve never been hired by a poor person. Those at the top of the food chain make more money but they also create more job wealth for the average worker. The result is life is better

Bankruptcies are a part of business. Spreading rumors about one’s business practices is another matter. You’re just repeating what some other uninformed liberal Democrat heard from some other uninformed source to smear Trump’s reputation.

I don’t know you Camille, but if I had to make up a profile in your behalf, I’d say you have no skin in the game, never signed on the bottom line to defend and protect your country, never owned a business with multiple employees, never risked your income taking the chance to increase your wealth and standard of living, and resent those who are at a higher income level than yourself. It’s called “being successful.”

You’re probably college-educated. Employees barely getting by on a living wage if they’re motived can create the opportunity to move up. That’s what America is all about..They have to take the responsibility for themselves. Nice chatting with you Camille, but we have little in common.

Stan Rachesky

Glenwood Springs

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