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Letter: In support of Jennifer Vanian

Jennifer Vanian has been an active community member for the past 42 years and has experienced the changes and needs of our vibrant community. She has actively participated in making a positive difference in our community through the years. She has supported policies with sustainable and long-term solutions for the city. For example, Jennifer has been actively communicating with the landfill to work on a long-term solution with composting that could bring additional revenue source to the city and be a forward-thinking solution in a sustainable landfill. This solution is introducing a program to have all food scraps from groceries, restaurants and residences collected and composted at the landfill, then resold to food growers. Her experience, long-term, progressive solutions and engagement in our community makes Jennifer a great candidate for City Council. I support Jennifer and would urge Ward 3 Glenwood citizens to support Jennifer for City Council as well.

Breanna McCallum

Glenwood Springs

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