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Letter: In Uncle Don we trust

The willpower of Trump loyalists to keep supporting him in spite of his erratic behavior, complete flip-flops from campaign promises, hypocrisy, nepotism, cronyism, lack of ethics, greed, insecurity, grandstanding, showboating, pandering to xenophobia, misogyny and just a gross lack of knowledge regarding governance of our country reminds me of family members with a rich, crazy uncle who on a daily basis put up with his absurd statements, personal abuse, denigration, demands for loyalty and fidelity, all for the promise to be included in the rich uncle’s will.

It doesn’t matter that the “rich uncle” has been undermining the well-being of family members for decades, by “legally” not paying his fair share of taxes and thereby making his average Joe and Jane relatives pay for the schools, police, fire departments and infrastructure of the communities in which he owns his “luxury properties.”

Look it up; read real news that is researched.

Beloved Uncle Don’s family members easily overlook dirtier air and water, unregulated banking and Wall Street (always good for average Joes and Janes), fatter, saltier school lunches, mining and drilling in national monuments (is there a shortage of natural gas that I am not aware of?), an $8 billion wall that can be tunneled under and roped over, when the Hanford nuclear site receives only $1 billion a year for cleanup even as it is collapsing before our eyes and needs another 40 years to clean up under it’s current budget … We love you Uncle Don.

Everything that “crazy Uncle Don” does is for ego and to make himself richer. Uncle Don’s relatives think that they will be better off, and that by throwing Uncle Don monthly rallies they will all be employed making $40 an hour and have cheap health insurance for Grandma and let’s not forget be included in his will.

To end; Just remember, if Uncle Don’s press secretary ever says that Uncle Don has full confidence in you, run, run away as fast as you can, because “you’re fired.”

Marco Diaz


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