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Letter: Inane global idealism

In her Nov. 28 letter to the Post Independent, Ms. Barb Coddington infers that my concern about illegal immigration stems from fear and some “hardwired” tribal propensity. Ms. C’s dime store prognosis not withstanding, I fear nothing, but I do care about future generations and their quality of life.

In Barb’s global concern, she expresses no care nor even a word of concern for her fellow citizens. Barb writes of providing social services and jobs for illegal aliens as if that were our responsibility. Barb says all the crime and corruption in Third World countries is our fault and we need to fix their problems for them so they won’t invade our country.

Barb says we are not hardwired to be greedy and selfish. I say when it comes to my family and my fellow country men, I damn well will place their well-being over that of an inane global idealism!

Whether or not you believe over-population is the root cause of society’s ills, do feel free to play Mother Theresa to the whole world. Just do it on your own dime and when you use the word “we,” know that it does not include me and millions like me. 

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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